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Weekly Editorial    

Week 10 Year 2 - Tuesday, December 25th 2012

back on January the 14th. Happy holidays to all!

"modern nativity"

Anything that glows of its own light can only enlighten the darkness that surrounds us. All is revealed to those who want to see.

It was the year 2012. The earth was worn out, after a long period of war, so dark a period that even the sun failed to illuminate the passing days. And humanity, exhausted from many years of deceits and attacks from the dark forces, had now reached its limit of tolerance. People wandered the streets aimlessly and hopeless. Children no longer played. They sat helplessly facing screens of all kinds, through which the dark forces formed the younger generation. No more playful running around, their guffaws and their affectionate impulses sucked away by the greed of a world left with no love. Values, virtue and dignity sold off to a god that held everyone hostage. This god demanded to be loved under penalty of death. It was greedy for love, but wasn’t able to return any, and ended up drying up all the sources, draining all the humans on earth, turning them into ashes. Its name was lord currency. Even nature rebelled against so much arrogance and broke out in impetuous bursts, destroying all that its anger met. It was the year 2012. A year left with no love and little hope, threatened by a prophecy that mankind, annihilated by the immense suffering, had taken to be the end. The end of the world.

The Mayan prophecy. Wrapped in an apocalyptic aura, humanity was approaching its last Christmas. It would not have been possible for anyone to go on this way much longer. Not even lord currency would have survived. The children, robbed of their dreams were left crying. Even reindeers did not belong to Santa Claus any more, but to department stores. Still, something was hiding in the shadow. The dark forces were aware of it and stood on high alert because they understood what the whole of mankind was too tired to see. They knew that this prophecy was announcing their own end. A new beginning was knocking at the door, the kingdom of Brightness could still triumph. This threat had to be neutralized at all costs. Anyone found supporting the Kingdom of Brightness, be it a single man or an army, had to be destroyed. Some very bloody combats ensued. Even Santa Claus’s Kingdom of Silence was sacked and all the reindeers were deported. All the lambs in the world were slaughtered, to feed the armies of the dark forces and children around the world were persecuted . Without food and love, the elected and his army would have died and the dark forces would have gone on reigning over humanity.

But something was hiding in the shadows. Something that had the strength to resist throughout all these years. A glow that over time had become tiny, was now advancing with small steps. One had to be careful because the dark forces had servants everywhere. There were many of them and they were fierce, relentlessly watching over everyone. They had eyes everywhere, and could send a message around the world in just a few seconds. There was no escaping. Keeping a low profile was crucial. The Kingdom of Brightness had to resort to quite some subterfuges to make its way back amongst humans. And finally Santa Claus showed up with his reindeer, in spite of the dark forces. He wasn’t dressed as Santa Claus, but as a simple farmer accompanied by his beloved reindeer, which was born without horns. Who could ever suspected anything. No one would have taken them seriously. And the lambs destined to the grill were vindicated by three magnificent snow white lions. So rare an event it denoted something special. And so the lamb became lion. But no one would ever believe it. A child finally saw the light after travelling long distances hidden in a suitcase. But who would ever notice such a poor devil. And finally a donkey appeared. He came disguised as a very special horse. But no one would have believed it. It 's a special Christmas, for the delight of those who have eyes to see.

by lalitwist
Note 1 - about SUB ref. Monday, December the 5th 2011 "About a Druid and his mushrooms"

Take your pets on vacation with you Summer is just round the corner and with it, so is everyone's much awaited mid-year break. And now is the time to start planning. If you have pets and are planning a vacation in Italy, you'll find hundreds of options that will welcome your pets, on this website

The Gentle Barn Getting closer to nature can help us get in touch with ourselves. So much so that pet therapy has been widely adopted for its proven efficient healing process, especialy when applied to kids. From swimming with dolphins to The Gentle Barn. Leggi l'articolo

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Last update 28-01-2013

Santa's reindeer found among the Cinderellas another happy event to tell. A beautiful reindeer cub born without horns, thanks to its breeder, ended up leading Santa's reindeer parade. To be quite honest, it very much looks like a sweet little donkey. If we go on like this we'll be able to put together a very special live nativity scene. I think I have read about a child with a special story, somewhere. read article

Photo of the week "Noel" by Lalitwist

the color of purity what could be more inspiring, at christmas, than a gift of 3 newly born rare white lion cubs, looking like 3 defenseless sacred white lambs? I'll tell you tomorrow! looks like we have a very special Christmas edition ahead of us and most probably a special New year too. I will explain why in next week’s story. read article

four legged golden angels many are the reasons why animals should be legally protected just like humans. Too often we use them for our own selfish purposes, forgetting the important role that with an appropriate training they're able to cover. For some functions on the other hand, they have an innate skill that cannot be denied. read article

To the rescue As from December the 27th animals involved in road accidents will have to be rescued, by law. It's about time! read article

A genius of our modern times No doubt an interesting and courageous declaration. Courageous because regardless of the times we live in, Mr Schmidt, chairman @ Google, answered about Google's alleged tax evasion in Europe by saying that they pay a lot of taxes and they follow legal ways to do so. It is called "capitalism" says Mr. Schmidt. Interesting because by doing so he has admitted to "scheming" legally - read article

Ganja delivery systems Ingenuity beats border checks. Mexican drug dealers have found a brand new way to send drugs over to the USA. It's a free flight, risk free operation. And if you happen to be in sight, you may end up going home with a free bag of tea. Only watch your head! - read article

Where there's a will, there's a way What amazes me about the chinese is that everything they do, by virtue of the fact they have enormous numerical dimensions, is absolutely bewildering. Just now I stumbled on this headline: "China to flatten 700 mountains for new metropolis in the desert". An amazing "land moving" project. I mean, it would be like saying, "flatten all the Alps". That would spell disaster, wouldn't it? - read article

It could have been "The Great Wine Robbery" of the century. Floods of precious vintaged wine. The finest taste, result of a great passion. The Brunello di Montalcino is a great wine, which may only be produced by means of one single variety of grape and must be aged at least 5 years. A Reserve bottle, aged 6 years may cost from 250€ up. Sadly some 6 vintages going from 2007 to 2011, the equivalent of 84 000 bottles have been completely destroyed. Not drank, not stolen. Destroyed by vandals. - ARTICLE - watch video -

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